AktivOrtho™ team runs at the Delhi Half Marathon


New Delhi – November 25th, 2014 – The AktivOrtho team displayed grit and stamina by participating at the Great Delhi Run, the first 6 km of the 7th Delhi Half Marathon on 23rd November. They successfully completed the 6 km race. The company launched an offer for its clients 40 days before the event to motivate them to participate. The ‘Train with the AktivRun Team and Participate Together’ campaign inspired several clients as well as staff.

During those 40 days, the AktivRun team prepared and trained enthusiastic clients and staff.  Yaasar Nazar, one of our medically trained sports therapists, guided, motivated and trained all the participants for the 6km run with:

  1. an Initial AktivFit Functional Assessment
  2. a twice weekly group medical training therapy (MTT) sessions
  3. Complimentary usage of German MTT equipment including cardio facilities

AktivOrtho also sponsored race entrance fees and provided fun team T-shirts for the main event!

The Great Delhi Run began amidst great fanfare and euphoria at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where AktivOrtho’s 35 participants were conspicuous in their orange brand T-shirts.


Speaking about the overwhelming excitement amongst the AktivOrtho participants, Yaasar Nazar said, “This is a great initiative from AktivOrtho. As this is our first participation, our running clients and colleagues are naturally very excited. I congratulate them for accepting my challenge and going beyond my expectations. We did it!”


Gabrielle Seacy, co-founder & managing director, AktivOrtho, who also ran impressively, was all praise for her staff and the participating clients. “It was a great feeling for all of us and a personal achievement for me. Running makes us happy, healthy and Aktiv. I think we should run every day and never miss these big events”.


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL… Hadrien & Alma Carroz Dominique (members of AktivKids™ program)


(Mr. Carroz Damien, father of Hadrian & Alma, shared his experiences of the treatment of his two kids at AktivOrtho™)

“My wife and I joined AktivOrtho™ in April 2013 to get treatment for our own orthopaedic ailments. Then, we learnt about the AktivKids™ program and we let our kids try it.  They had no medical condition but I wanted them join the program to help with their posture, balance and fitness and so that they learned how to exercise properly.

Although I have never been to any other centre, I can say there is nothing compared to AktivOrtho™ in India. The exercises are fun and my kids come to play. It is great to have the same physician for the follow-up sessions.

The approach at AktivOrtho™ is very professional and thorough; the best I ever had. It is also good to have different specialist fields in the team.

Now my kids are fit and very flexible. They feel stronger and fitter and Hadrien even lost his extra weight”.



Ms. Megha Bhatnagar

Hadrien lacked the flexibility and was slightly overweight and became anxious occasionally. Alma lacked the strength, confidence and had poor concentration levels. Keeping their weak areas in mind, I designed a set of fun activities which worked at improving their flexibility, cardiovascular functioning, agility, balance and concentration levels.

DSC_0364_1024x786_1024KBWe used balance board and disc, foam, soft balls of different weights, light balls to play catch-catch, pebbles for agility training and nut-bolt for fine motor training/concentration exercise

Now, they have improved remarkably and this can easily be seen in their extracurricular activities like football and running. Their concentration has improved and they now appear more confident about their physical fitness.

Children are our future and helping them understand the natural yearning of their body for physical activity will enable them live a healthy and Aktiv life. Our main goal is to teach children to include joyful healthy exercising, so that they may learn to maintain an Aktiv lifestyle throughout their life.

Children who are active will have:

  • stronger muscles and bones
  • a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat
  • less chance of becoming overweight
  • decreased risk for developing type 2 diabetes
  • lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • strong immune system
  • improved self-esteem
  • decreased anxiety level
  • better concentration levels
  • better quality of sleep
  • better outlook on life

All parents want their children to be healthy and happy but did you know that children with poor posture also report increased back, neck pain and headaches. Poor posture can lead to unforeseen muscular imbalance. Our specially designed programs AktivKids™ and AktivFeet™ help children with:

– musculoskeletal or neurological conditions – foot problems

– weight management issues – sports injuries

– Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – development delay

Photo courtesy: Shikhar Bhardwaj 



Dr. Atul Prakash joins AktivOrtho

Dr Atul Praksh 2

Dr. Atul Prakash, MBBS, MS- ORTHO, DNB, MNAMS, FRCS (UK), is an orthopaedic surgeon with nearly 24 years’ experience, including 14 years training and working in the UK.

He is a Medical Consultant at AktivOrtho’s Vasant Vihar centre and is available from 9 am to 1.30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays and 6 pm to 8 pm on Wednesdays.

He has vast experience in treating problems of the hip and knee including joint replacement and management of complex trauma. Dr. Prakash has a special interest in sports injuries but also specialises in treating osteoporosis and other orthopaedic conditions.


Dr. Atul Prakash did his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi in 1991 and qualified as an orthopaedic surgeon (MS – Orthopaedics) from the University of Delhi (University College of Medical Sciences) in 1994. Then, he went to the UK for further training and did his FRCS from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPS), Glasgow. He, then, worked as an independent practitioner for 8 years.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL… Dr. Madhu Handa (Lost 5 kg in 2 weeks)

Dr Madhu Handa

“I heard about metabolic balance® from a physiotherapist at AktivOrtho™.  At the time of joining the metabolic balance® program, my weight was 84 kg, it fell to 79 kg after I completed the 14-day initial phase.

Before this, I had tried a few other weight-loss programs where I lost 13 kg but I put it all back on again. metabolic balance® has also helped me improve my digestive acidity, water intake and general well-being. The results were exactly what I had been hoping for.

The counselling provided by the metabolic balance® coach, Ms. Charu Bhradwaj, was very helpful. She explained everything very clearly. She made me realise that I was eating all the wrong things. I must agree that the metabolic balance® diet program is more sustainable”.


Ms. Charu Bhardwaj

“When Dr. Madhu Handa started the metabolic balance® plan, her weight was almost 84 kg with 28.5 BMI, which put her clearly in the overweight category. The muscle mass and water content in her body were also low. She had a few mild issues like acidity. Being a medical professional, she was aware of the importance of healthy eating and had already gathered a lot of information from the web but still was not able to lose weight. She had tried a few programs earlier and experienced a drastic weight loss but could never maintain it. So, the challenge for me in her case was first to convince her that metabolic balance® is not like any other weight-loss program and she could expect certain and long-lasting benefits from it. Also, as her job demands a lot of travelling, I had to plan accordingly. But with metabolic balance®, this is not a big issue as the patient is allowed to eat more or less everything.


She started the plan with a few apprehensions in her mind, but her doubts were short-lived as she experienced a lot of improvement just in the starting phase. She was surprised as even her skin began to look more supple and brighter. Also, her fat percentage started declining and the muscle mass was improving. In fact, the patient was amazed with the results as she had experienced a lot of side effects from other diet programs.

She religiously followed the plan.  There were negligible fluctuations in her weight during her travel outside Delhi but she was still able to maintain her weight by just following the basic principles of metabolic balance®.

She said herself that she was almost eating everything and still losing weight. She accepts that metabolic balance® has completely changed her lifestyle. She has lost more than 10kg in 3 months and her current BMI is 24.9, which is in normal range. Now, Dr. Handa is more active and doesn’t crave unhealthy food anymore. She wants to follow the basic principles of metabolic balance® throughout her life and that will be very good for her”. 



Osteoporosis Rehabilitation Therapy (AktivOsteoporosis™)

Osteoporosis 5

Our AktivOsteoporosis™ program has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of Osteology and Biomechanics, Germany, follows a basic three-stage approach in its treatment plan: 

  1. Assessment

Comprehensive physical tests for Bone Mineral Density and an analysis of the patient’s musculoskeletal, nervous system and overall balance and coordination, counselling on the functional abilities and risk factors that pertain to each individual. 

  1. Exercise

A systematic physiotherapy plan has proven to increase overall bone density by 1% per year. Based on an individual’s needs and physical fitness level, we devise a systematic training package that includes exercises for strength and balance, aerobic and resistance training and postural correction. The highly specialized Vibrafit is also offered in some cases – a technology which helps reduce a patient’s potential fall rate and increases overall bone muscle and strength when combined with other exercises. 

  1. Diet

Proper nutrition remains the cornerstone for the prevention and rehabilitation of osteoporosis.

AktivOrtho now brings to India its exclusive and holistic metabolic balance®/weight management program. Consisting of four phases, it optimizes and adjusts the body’s bio-chemistry to re-balance hormones and enzyme levels, thus promoting fat burning, decreasing fat storage and activating anti-ageing hormones. Devised by Dr Wolf Funfack, an internist and nutrition medicine specialist, in collaboration with Sylvia Buerkle, this award-winning program is specifically tailored to each individual’s body measurements, blood count and medical history. Over the last decade, it has achieved tremendous success with 600,000 patients across 28 countries.


The benefits of following the AktivOsteoporosis program include:

  • Better postural awareness
  • Pain-free life
  • Considerable improvement in bone density
  • Reduction in bone loss
  • Enhanced mobility

AktivSeniors Program at AktivOrtho


With the right combination of exercise and a healthy lifestyle most of us should be able to live Aktiv, independent lives well into our mature years. We have developed the AktivSeniors program to help older people achieve greater physical independence, confidence and vitality.

The AktivSeniors program can help with a number of medical conditions as well as improving general well-being.

Who can benefit?

Nearly everyone can benefit as each program is created to an individual’s personal requirements. The program can also help patients with any of the following conditions:

  • Post joint replacement e.g. hip, knee
  • Orthopaedic issues
  • Sports’ injuries
  • Post stroke paralysis/re-education
  • Lack of balance, fall-related issues
  • Neurological disorders resulting from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Ankle and foot problems (podiatry)
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Weight management
  • General mobility and fitness

Our Solution:

AktivOrtho’s clinical team first evaluate a patient’s condition, then develop a specialised treatment and therapy program. Throughout each program our patients are cared for, trained and supported by fully qualified physio- and sports therapists who have a complete overview of the patient’s medical condition.  The physiotherapist will work in conjuction with our doctors, consulting regularly on all cases.  So patients can be assured that all aspects are being considered and a condition is not being treated in isolation.

A program may include any of the following elements –

  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • metabolic balance® to help manage weight and diabetes
  • General body conditioning and stamina building

After diagnosing your musculoskeletal issues and addressing any pain you may be experiencing, we then focus on building up your strength and endurance as a long-term foundation for preventing any future injuries or issues. Typically it takes 3 months to properly re-educate the mind and body to give you a healthy sense of physical and mental well-being. Your problems did not occur overnight and neither will they disappear overnight! We will work with you as a team to develop and maintain your strength and energy to cope with the physical demands of daily life.

AktivDiary…….. I’ll start tomorrow…. Diary of a well-intentioned procrastinator

5-tips-for-exercise-newbies (1)

The lady in the sports shop was extremely helpful and didn’t laugh when I asked about the different types of running shoes.They all felt so light compared to my previous pair.  I always thought that my running shoes were quite new – I’d bought them to get in shape for my marriage.

Having just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary, it was obviously time to trade-up. Spending the summer with my mother, who at 74 looks fantastic, was a depressing experience.  She gave me some of her clothes – we always used to be the same size.

Trying to pull her jeans over my plump thighs (and failing) was a trigger – something needed to be done. When you have hit 40, your body decides it’s payback time for years of neglect.  I’m taking control – I’ll never be Sharon Stone but I’d like to have a healthy body that works.

I made up my mind, hence the trip to the sports shop.  Armed with a credit card I thought that if I spent enough money, I could guilt myself into taking action.

I left feeling very virtuous – I had got the whole lot – shoes, leggings and a special vest.  The next day was when the trouble started.

Shoes and leggings fine – vest – a problem.  It was a new type of wrestling vest – I had to wrestle to get into it.

Any of you who’ve tried one – the one with the in-built sports bra will know what I went through.

Pulling it over my head I was in danger of suffocating.  Then I was worried about a dislocated shoulder or a slipped disc.  Both arms were stuck over my head and the vest was bunched-up with various layers caught under the surprisingly strong elastic.

I was alone (luckily for my dignity) and had a moment of panic that I would be stuck like this for ever.  Cause of death – strangulation by running vest!

I made one last ditch attempt and pulled the damn thing off.  It is still on the floor in my room, lurking like a spider in the corner. I know it’s there but I’m ignoring it.

Frankly by the time I got it off, I was exhausted.  Quite enough exercise for one day – I’ll start tomorrow.


Myofascial Release Therapy at AktivOrtho™

myofascial 1

Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy is a medical speciality that is used to relieve muscular shortness and tightness. Injuries are unpredictable and cause a variety of damage which can leave people severely affected and in great pain. As a result they suffer not only from pain but also a certain loss of flexibility in the affected area. This can even lead to a loss in productivity and efficiency for the patient. MFR therapy is pivotal in resolving these unpleasant symptoms. It is an effective solution to many pain related issues in various parts of the body plus the loss of functional ability and flexibility following an injury.

Who can benefit?

The benefits of MFR therapy extend to a wide range of orthopaedic, neurological and sports injury problems. Below are some of the conditions that can be treated using MFR:

  • Sciatica
  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Inflammation
  • Breathing problems
  • Poor body posture
  • Poor flexibility
  • Headaches
  • Traumas
  • Emotional or psychological stress
  • Muscle pain and spasms
  • Numbness, pins and needles

Our Solution

At AktivOrtho™, our physiotherapists use a proven and result-oriented approach to assess and treat patients. The therapist first locates the trigger points in the restricted muscles and fascia.  The therapist will then measure the levels of loss of motion and symmetry in the body. Furthermore, upon identifying those trigger points, emphasis is laid on releasing the tight knots with manual pressure resulting in relaxation and increased flexibility of the soft tissues.

Our Programme

The main features of our program include:

A):        Hands-on treatment in one of our private therapy rooms.

B):        Comprehensive and detailed patient assessment – this leads to …

C): Personalised patient treatment plan. Once started this plan needs effective follow-up and monitoring conducted in a medically-supervised environment.

MFR therapy releases the restrictions from various parts of your body with varying degree of effectiveness. Progress is measured by the level of improvements in physical abilities and reduction in pain.


The benefits of using our programs include:

  • Significant reduction in pain
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Improved breathing
  • Decrease in muscle spasms
  • Reduction in muscle and fascia tension
  • Decrease in chronic recurring injuries



Dr. Govind Singh Bisht, Sr. Consultant, Podiatry, AktivOrtho™


Dr. Govind Singh Bisht, MBBS, CPP (Fellowship in Podiatry, BIDMC, Boston, USA), is a renowned podiatrist and foot specialist who started his medical profession in 1992 and focused his practice on podiatry in 2001.

He is a visiting consultant at AktivOrtho™ in both the Vasant Vihar and Gurgaon centres. Dr. Bisht is also the clinical director and regional clinical advisor (Asia Pacific), ‘Fit Feet Program’ of Special Olympics International.

He completed his MBBS (1986-1992) from S.N. Medical College, Agra University (U.P, India) and Fellowship in Podiatry (in 2001, under Dr. John Guirini, DPM) from BIDMC, Harvard (Boston). Dr. Bisht is known to provide the highest standard of podiatry care and AktivOrtho™ is pleased to have him on board.

His work:

  • Examined and treated more than 15,000 diabetic patients for different foot related problems.
  • Treated successfully more than 2500 ‘Diabetic Foot’ patients with limb-threatening and life-threatening conditions.
  • Actively involved in spreading awareness about foot care among medical professionals and patients via print media, lectures, radio and T.V. programs.
  • Designated as Clinical Director “Fit Feet Program” in India by Special Olympics International after Train the Trainer Program in Shanghai, China from 28th September to 5th October 2007 during Special Olympics World Summer Games, Under Dr. Pat Nunan, DPM, ex-President of American Association Podiatry Sports Medicine
  • Conducted ‘Fit Feet’ screening as Clinical Director ‘Fit Feet for Special Olympics International on 7th-9th May 2010 in Guwahati Assam where screened 250 special children with special needs in a state level event.
  • Conducted ‘Fit Feet’ screening as Clinical Director ‘Fit Feet Program’ Special Olympics International in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan on 3rd August 2009 for a district level event where 150 Special Children were screened.
  • Conducted ‘Fit Feet Program’ in Surat, Gujarat from 25th -27th December 2008, for Special Olympics State level event where nearly 800 children with special needs were screened for their foot related problems
  • Was part of organizing committee as treasurer for Diabetic Foot Society of India (DFSI) 8th Annual Conference in New Delhi from 27th -29th November 2009
  • Conducted 2-day Diabetic Foot Management Workshop as Organizing Secretary at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University on 8th-9th November 2010
  • Conducted pre-departure medical check-up for Indian delegation for Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011.
  • Participated as international volunteer in Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011, Greece and screened 4000 athletes from more than 160 countries.
  • Trained as regional clinical advisor (RCA) “Fit Feet” Asia Pacific by special Olympics International in Washington DC.

Tackling sports injuries AktivOrtho™ way…

sports injury

Quick Tips for Sports Injuries

  1. Niggling old injuries: All sportspersons are likely to have some old injury/niggle from the past and they would still like to continue training or doing some kind of sports activity, so the way to address old injuries is to apply any anti-inflammatory gel/ointment followed by a five minute heat fomentation.
  2. Apply ice pack: Pre- and post-activity, apply an ice pack for 15 minutes. This way, you could prevent a flare-up of an injury.
  3. Apply RICE principle: RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Immediately following any injury, the affected part should be rested and iced down. Elevation normally means the injured part should be raised above the level of heart to reduce swelling and bleeding if there is any. Compression means pressure should be applied to the injury part which will not only help in case of bleeding in order to control blood loss but swelling as well by pushing the extra fluid in the affected part back into circulation.
  4. Visit a doctor: After first aid, a thorough examination by an expert particularly in sports injuries should be carried out as soon as possible to establish the amount of damage and structures involved. Subsequent treatment is dictated by the examination findings.
  5. Prevention is better: Prevention means to train the body in a way that an injury is less likely to occur. It is a holistic approach that involves sports coaches, doctors, physiotherapists and the parents. Combining orthopaedic expertise with the requirements of the specific sport can effectively prevent sports injury in performance.

By Dr. Rana Chengappa, clinical director, sports medicine, AktivOrtho™