Want to build 10 pack abs like what SRK flaunts in H.N.Y.? Read AktivOrtho™ tips.


Tips to get 10 pack abs

  1. Set your deadline.
  2. Manage your diet (Take more of natural Sugars (Fruits with low sugar content) and increase the High Protein Diet. Gap your meals adequately (4-5 hours). Take Lots of body fluids.
  3. Cardio exercises (Running, Brisk walking, Treadmill, Static cycling or Swimming) for at least 45 minutes or More.
  4. Correct your posture and Body’s biomechanics before you plan for any Straining exercises.
  5. Check for body’s baseline Strength, endurance, flexibility and Stability before u set the target.
  6. Set warm-up and cool-down time and exercises, like simple active stretches and free movements of body segments or hot fomentation if needed.
  7. Exercises Protocol:
    1. Start with stability exercises;
      1. Mat exercises and Pilates, to learn right recruitment of muscles.
      2. Planks (4-point, 3-point, butt ups, trunk twists, kick ups etc)
  • Alligator walks
  1. Muscle strengthening exercises;
    1. Sit-ups and Abdominal Crunches
    2. Oblique Training
  • Alternate and Bilateral Leg Lifts
  1. Jack Knife or V-Setups
  2. Body Wheels or Rolls
  3. Pull-ups/Chin-ups
  • Squats
  • Plyometric
  1. Air Bicycling
  2. Hurdle Jumping
  3. Push-ups

Last but not the least:

  • Sleep Adequately (At least 8 Hours).
  • Avoid Stress.
  • Rehydrate Your Body Properly.
  • Take rests in between to avoid early Fatigue and Injuries.
  • Work under expert Supervision.

 Author: Mr. Abdul Majeed Bhat, Sr. Physiotherapist, Sports Medicine, AktivOrtho™


About aktivorthoblog

AktivOrtho™ is India's first-of-its-kind comprehensive centre for orthopaedic, neurological and gynaecological rehabilitation as well as sports medicine, pain management, prevention, podiatry, medical training therapy (MTT) and weight management solutions located at Vasant Vihar as well as the Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi and Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Founded by leading German orthopaedic specialist and former surgeon, Dr. Gerd Mueller MD, AktivOrtho™ focuses on the non-invasive treatment and prevention of all types of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems as well as neurological disorders. Introducing state-of-the-art, German designed rehabilitation equipment together with our team of experienced and certified medical professionals led by Dr. Mueller and Dr. Rana Chengappa, MBBS, DSM, we are committed to providing our patients with European standard medical care, personalised one-on-one treatment and leading expertise in the field of non-surgical orthopaedic, and neurological rehabilitation, pain management, prevention, sports medicine and weight management.

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