(Mrs. Kevin shared her experiences about her husband’s treatment at AktivOrtho™)

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“He (Mr. Kevin) had almost lost his will to continue his treatment and we would have gone back to our country (Nigeria) with a certain feeling of dejection and despondency if his physiotherapist, Ms. Aditi Midha had not been so motivating and a big pusher. She always encouraged him to go on. It was only her who made all the difference.  She always told him, ‘You can do it. You have to do it. You have to get well and walk again’.

We would also have gone back had his condition remained the same. But we stayed back as he was improving a lot at AktivOrtho™.

Aditi’s inspiring words and tremendous efforts kept him sailing and the difference is here for all of us to see. He was fully paralysed for 5 years in Nigeria and there was no hope that he would stand on his feet again. We have been to a couple of facilities in our country taking sessions twice a week but we did not get much improvement.

We came to India primarily for his surgery but were told that he needed only physiotherapy. Then, one doctor (Dr. Surbhi Suden) referred the name of AktivOrtho™ to us and that is how we landed at this facility in April 2014. We liked the facility, its caring and friendly staff and high standard equipment. The process has been very scientific and systematic. The results have been beyond our expectations.  We would like to stay in India and continue his sessions but have to go back to Nigeria. Nonetheless, we will follow the home exercise program (HEP) given to us by AktivOrtho™.

The quality and care are fantastic at AktivOrtho™.  Now, he is able to walk again and that is truly magical. The facility is very good with all the advanced equipment in place. We would like to thank Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD), Dr. Rana Chengappa (Under whose treatment, he has gained all these benefits) and Ms. Aditi for bringing about all these positive changes in his condition”.


Ms. Aditi Midha

“Mr. Dara Kevin had been suffering from a condition known as Pott’s Paraplegia i.e. tuberculosis of the spine. In 2009, he was diagnosed with this disease in Nigeria. He had tried various treatments but his condition remained unchanged. In April 2014, he came to India for surgery but was advised against it and told to opt for the right solution-Physiotherapy.

His initial complaints were severe back pain and paralysis of his lower limbs along with sensory loss due to which, he was confined to a wheelchair. He was facing a great difficulty in doing his daily functional activities. He also complained of pain and stiffness in his upper back. He came to AktivOrtho™ with an additional challenge for us to make him stand on his feet before he left India.

His treatment started with a comprehensive neurological assessment. Our initial objective was to reduce his pain and stiffness. After his assessment, sensory integration (to regain sensations) and bed mobility training were started right away to enable him to at least manage his transfers from the wheelchair. An integrated strengthening program followed thereafter.

After the first four weeks of neurological rehabilitation, his pain was resolved up to 80 per cent and for the first time in 6 years, he was able to stand on his feet. Now, his treatment was focussed on an intense proprioception training and getting the patient to do more gait and balance training, so that he could go back to his country fulfilling his dream that had brought him to India and AktivOrtho™.

At 12 weeks, a progressive rehabilitation program together with perseverance, determination and a belief to get well, he is happy to be returning back to his country, walking!

Our therapy enabled him to independently perform his daily functional activities without any pain and walk using a walker. His wife is elated and can’t hold her happiness about his achievement. He departs with a Home Exercise Program (HEP) which he needs to follow to maintain strength needed for his movement.

Mr. Dara Kevin and his wife were overwhelmed by our facility and care and hospitality they had received and wish they had come here before. His results and smile are now for his people back home to see”.



About aktivorthoblog

AktivOrtho™ is India's first-of-its-kind comprehensive centre for orthopaedic, neurological and gynaecological rehabilitation as well as sports medicine, pain management, prevention, podiatry, medical training therapy (MTT) and weight management solutions located at Vasant Vihar as well as the Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi and Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Founded by leading German orthopaedic specialist and former surgeon, Dr. Gerd Mueller MD, AktivOrtho™ focuses on the non-invasive treatment and prevention of all types of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems as well as neurological disorders. Introducing state-of-the-art, German designed rehabilitation equipment together with our team of experienced and certified medical professionals led by Dr. Mueller and Dr. Rana Chengappa, MBBS, DSM, we are committed to providing our patients with European standard medical care, personalised one-on-one treatment and leading expertise in the field of non-surgical orthopaedic, and neurological rehabilitation, pain management, prevention, sports medicine and weight management.

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