CLIENT TESTIMONIAL… Mr. Onwukwe Benson (neurological patient/inability to walk)


Benson_PHOTO_Edited CLOSE_UP

“I came to know about AktivOrtho™ through my agent doctor, Dr. Surbhi Suden. She brought me to this centre on 19th June 2014. I was having weakness in my lower and upper limb that made me not able to walk.

Prior to coming to AktivOrtho™, I have been to Max Healthcare and they did try but there was no visible effect, so I shifted to this centre. Here, there is an improvement in my condition. Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) and Dr. Rana Chengappa treated me very well and their words were very reassuring. The staff and my physiotherapist, Ms. Aditi Midha have been so good and caring all the time. I liked the western approach of AktivOrtho™ and its state-of-the-art facilities. Ms Aditi workd very hard to bring about good changes in my condition.

Now after my training, I can stand erect and walk a little, though not much. I think doctors should go out and educate patients more about the importance of physiotherapy because it can change the life of the patients”.


Ms.Aditi Midha

“Mr. Benson came to AktivOrtho™ with difficulty in walking, progressive weakness in his lower limbs and speaking problem. His speed in doing daily functional activities was affected and there was shaking in his hands and legs, though he had no pain in his legs or elsewhere except some of it at the surgical site of his chest. In 2010 post TB infection and ATT treatment, he had a surgery for empyema thoracis of the right lung (The patient was diagnosed with tuberculosis of lungs and thus put on ATT for 9 months). During his treatment, he first felt weakness in his left lower limb and post surgery, gradually started getting weaker and feeling worse.

Benson_PHOTO 2

His tests revealed hyper-tonicity (extension spasticity) in his lower limb muscles, namely hamstrings, adductors, gastrocnemius (left>right). His upper limb muscle tone was normal but there was weakness in his fingers.  Slurring of speech was also observed. Dorsiflexion ranges were 15 degrees at the ankle joint.

Patient was initially started with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises along with sensory-neural integration techniques to control his pain, shaking of limbs and clear speech. He showed prompt recovery with pain-free ambulation and improved muscle control. The patient was therefore progressed to strength, endurance and proprioception training including core strengthening, balance, gait and functional integration training.

Now, he has better mobility, speech, improved balance and coordination. His muscular strength has improved but some degree of weakness still persists in his lower limbs. No worsening of symptoms was observed during the course of his treatment and rehabilitation. Further rehab would address his remaining issues along with progressive muscle strengthening and speech training.

He was advised to have continued physiotherapy, regular icing and medications as prescribed”.


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