PROFILE: Ms. Taranjeet Kaur, metabolic balance® coach and Sr. nutritionist, AktivOrtho™


metabolic balance®, the well-known and highly successful nutrition and weight management program from Europe, is  exclusive to AktivOrtho™ in India (Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD), founder & chairman, AktivOrtho™, holds its national license for India) and, Ms. Taranjeet Kaur, a member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), is its coach. She has over a decade of valuable experience as a senior nutritionist and weight management guru.  For her, being a nutritionist is as challenging as it is satisfying. Before AktivOrtho™, she worked as nutritional counselor with Apollo Clinics (New Delhi), where she spent more than 8 years, providing nutritional counseling to both clinicians as well as self-referred patients. She was also responsible for nutrition assessment and formulating individualised care plan for patients.

Success stories at AktivOrtho™:

As a metabolic balance® coach & Sr. nutritionist at AktivOrtho™, she has helped 200+ patients manage their weight and live an active and healthy life. For her, the most valuable reward is the smile on the faces of her clients. Below are a few comments about her, shared by her clients:

  1. – Mr. Kampabwe Nsenduluka: “My hearty compliments to Ms. Taranjeet Kaur with whom I have enjoyed a direct personal consultancy. I felt a lot better within 12 weeks of treatment at AktivOrtho™. Now, I look somewhat straight/symmetrical and slimmer. I lost 8.8 kg in just 3 months, thanks to metabolic balance®!” More on:   
  1. Ms Karin Ullmann: “Ms. Taranjeet Kaur is such a competent and lovely person. She always had time for me; answered all my questions and was very helpful all through my treatment. She gave me very good suggestions and was an excellent coach to me. I would surely recommend metabolic balance® program to others”. More on
  1. -Mrs. Simone Judd: “metabolic balance® is easy to follow. I could eat foods that agree with me. I got excellent support from the coach, Ms. Taranjeet Kaur. metaolic balance® program helped me improve my activity levels, skin and sleep. It led to alleviation of depression and enhancement of mood. The results obtained were in accordance with my expectations.

The counselling provided by the metabolic balance® coach was very helpful and effective. Ms. Kaur is very encouraging. I would definitely recommend metabolic balance® program to others”.

Apart from counseling and managing weight of her patients, she had also worked on numerous on-field projects which included:

  • Conducting group education sessions at schools for students and parents.
  • Was a part of government organization “Stree Shakti” where she educated the lower income residents of the community about nutritional needs and healthy eating choices and taught them right food cooking styles and recipes according to diseases, age group and health issues.
  • Appeared in TV show ‘Sehatnama’—a DD Urdu channel presentation, where she took part in 14 episodes.


  • B.Sc
  • Certificate in Food and Nutrition
  • Post graduate Certificate course in Nutrition Counseling
  • M.Sc. (Dietetics and Food Service Management)
  • Internship from Research & Referral Army Hospital, New Delhi
  • M.Sc. Dissertation ‘to study the effect of Canola oil in Dyslipidemic Patients’ done at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

Research paper:

Presented a Paper titled ‘The Effect of Canola oil in Dyslipidemic Patients’ for KG Naidu Medical Trust Award (Therapeutic Nutrition) at the 44th Annual National Conference of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA)), held at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

The paper titled ‘Effect of canola oil on serum lipid levels of dyslipidemic patients’ was published in the ‘Journal of Preventive Cardiology’. The link is given below.

Conferences & camps:

She is regularly invited to speak at health-themed conferences and seminars and takes part at every Health Awareness Camps that AktivOrtho™ organizes at schools, clubs and such other places to inspire people to remain healthy and fit by eating and exercising rightly.

Her areas of interest are: clinical nutrition and nutritional counseling.









About aktivorthoblog

AktivOrtho™ is India's first-of-its-kind comprehensive centre for orthopaedic, neurological and gynaecological rehabilitation as well as sports medicine, pain management, prevention, podiatry, medical training therapy (MTT) and weight management solutions located at Vasant Vihar as well as the Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi and Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Founded by leading German orthopaedic specialist and former surgeon, Dr. Gerd Mueller MD, AktivOrtho™ focuses on the non-invasive treatment and prevention of all types of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems as well as neurological disorders. Introducing state-of-the-art, German designed rehabilitation equipment together with our team of experienced and certified medical professionals led by Dr. Mueller and Dr. Rana Chengappa, MBBS, DSM, we are committed to providing our patients with European standard medical care, personalised one-on-one treatment and leading expertise in the field of non-surgical orthopaedic, and neurological rehabilitation, pain management, prevention, sports medicine and weight management.

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