An interview with Taranjeet Kaur, metabolic balance® coach & Sr. nutritionist, AktivOrtho™



 Having one protein at a time helps in better absorption of proteins 

Taranjeet Kaur, metabolic balance® coach & Sr. nutritionist, AktivOrtho™

metabolic balance® is a nutrition program from Europe, which develops your food plan based on your detailed blood analysis, medical history and food preferences, says Taranjeet Kaur, metabolic balance® coach & Sr. nutritionist, AktivOrtho™. The program helps you balance your system, manage your weight and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. It recommends the amount and variety of proteins required by your body. This program has been brought to India exclusively by AktivOrtho™ .


Here, Ms. Kaur answers some key questions regarding nutrition, protein requirements of our body and such other things. Excerpts:

Q.-Do you agree that when proteins are included in a meal, not only does it help prevent overeating at other times of day but it also improves our concentration and energy?

A.-It is a well established fact that proteins curb your hunger and make you feel full. In fact, proteins have a greater and prolonged satiating effect as compared to carbohydrates and fats. This is the reason that if you have proteins in each of your meals, you have lesser cravings for snacks and other such food items. Lesser concentration on hunger pangs will surely keep you well-focused on your work.

Eating proteins also helps boost your metabolism and, if taken in appropriate amounts as per your body requirements, they help you lose weight with a good percentage of fat loss.

Q.-For a mid afternoon snack, what would you suggest if one has to choose between 2 small chocolates having 100 calories or a pot of yoghurt which has 8 gram of protein?

A.-metabolic balance®, a scientific nutrition program from Europe, advocates 3 meals a day with a proper distribution of the macro nutrients. For athletes or those who perform increased physical activity, we recommend that they take a mid-morning and evening snack.

Of the given choices, a pot of yogurt having 8 gram of protein is definitely a better and healthier option. It keeps you satiated until your next meal as well as providing you with good protein.

Q.-Is protein metabolised better when taken in smaller doses?

A.-Proteins should be well distributed at each meal. It is not good to concentrate on high protein only at dinner or lunch. Moreover, having one protein at a time, as advocated by metabolic balance®, helps in better absorption of proteins. Mixing of proteins such as curd and meat together leads to wastage of amino acids, which further leads to over-acidification of the body. Over-acidification may cause osteoporosis and other harmful effects.


Besides this, consuming more protein than what you actually require should be avoided. High protein intake can lead to dehydration and also increase the risk of gout, kidney afflictions, osteoporosis as well as some forms of cancer.

Chickpea Sprouts: a good source of protein

Chickpea sprouts are a rich source of protein (10g/ 100g) and fiber (3g/100g). They are low in fat (4g/ 100g). Besides this, chickpea sprouts are also rich in Vitamin C and Iron.


Besides being a rich source of protein, cottage cheese also benefits the health of our bones by increasing intake of phosphorus and calcium.

Almonds are rich in protein and, due to their high monosaturated fat content,they help lower LDL (Low density lipoprotein) cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases. They are also a good source of Vitamin E, manganese, biotin and copper.

Sunflower seeds contain bone-healthy minerals like magnesium and copper. They are also rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Q.-What are your views on protein supplements?

A.-Taking supplements for building muscles is not imperative. Your diet, if chosen judiciously, can supply adequate amount of protein to your body.



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