Suffered from Back pain, spine instability, spine de-generation, cervical spine, poor posture

 “I had back problems since I was 16 which, at the age of 24, culminated into a degenerative spine disease. In the UK, the doctors asked me to abstain from all forms of running.  As a keen sports player, this was a major blow, one which I never really reconciled myself to.  Since that point, I had various episodes of extreme pain in my back which often took weeks to resolve. Carrying my children, even for a jog over 25 metres, resulted in severe pain and days, if not weeks, to recover from.  I had one bad episode in 2012 and my wife recommended that I go to someone to see if the science had moved on.  Thank goodness that she encouraged me.


I had heard about AktivOrtho™ from a good friend who profusely recommended the European-developed facility to me. The diagnosis by Dr. Mueller (MD) appeared to be pretty simple.  Sixteen years ago, I was given the correct advice as the profession understood it.  It turns out that the science has moved on and that, while my disk is damaged, I needed to strengthen my back to protect the injury, thereby allowing me to lead a full and active life.  Put simply, I was suffering from a damaged disc and an incredibly weak back / spinal support.  The irony is that the advice prescribed 16 years ago was, in fact, the exact opposite of what I actually needed (so it made the situation worse).  It took Dr. Mueller 15 minutes to diagnose this!

I had visited several medical centres in the past to get treated and met many physiotherapists, doctors and chiropractors but without any long-term, good result. Compared with previous experiences, at AktivOrtho™, the issue was diagnosed quickly and with confidence and the treatment plan was designed.  The centre has specialist equipment and expertise to treat the problem that I had suffered from.  In short, it was a perfect combination of expertise, approach and equipment.

The quality of the care was excellent.  Dr. Mueller made regular visits, worked collaboratively with physios to ensure my treatment plan was delivered.  When I fed back information, the feedback was listened to and acted on. My experience was as big as I could have possibly imagined.  It has literally been a life-changing experience, both mentally and physically.

The quality of the clinic, the image and professionalism that I saw at AktivOrtho™, makes the thing very obvious that it is aspiring to be a cut above the alternatives on offer.

I can now lead a relatively normal life and it is under my own control.  If I exercise and keep my back strong, I can do more or less anything.  If I work too hard and neglect my back then I suffer.  A pain-free life is back now within my own control”.


Mr. Abdul Majeed Bhat

“Mr. Edward Dixon came to AktivOrtho™ with chronic low back pain, which had been aggravated so much recently that he was advised to stop running. Running even 100-200 meters used to cause muscle spasm and severe pain in his back. He also had some cervical issues that were hindering his day-to-day activities at office and home. This was due to constant stiffness in neck and altered sensation and pain in his fingers, particularly in the little finger.


While assessing the patient, Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) found global muscular insufficiency that had given him overall spine instability and a poor posture.

As there were multiple issues, we started with a global approach and emphasized first on identifying the symptoms and their causes.  After a few sessions of manual therapy, he was fully aware of his body, its proper functions and the correct recruitment of his muscles.  He was taught and trained the self-stabilisation of neck and spine, auto stretches of tight musculature, correct posture along with strengthening and endurance training.

Later, we moved him on to active training with the specialised spine and neck machines to strengthen the core and spine muscles. We tried our proven expertise that helps in mitigating such conditions.

After a few weeks of training, he was fully functional with zero pain and no spasms. It has been more than a year when he had started running again with the other normal routine activities of life back on track. There has been no complaint from him so far. He seems to be enjoying being active and healthy. We wish him a pain-free, happy life”.

AktivOrtho ™
International Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Prevention (India) Private Limited,
E 83, Paschimi Marg (near Vasant Vihar Club),
Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi, India
Ph: +91 11 47307700
Mobile: +91 9717198133



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